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Volvo XC90

Harga Mobil Volvo XC90 Baru dan Bekas (Second) Indonesia. XC90 is Volvo’s first crossover SUV that comes the first time in year 2002 ago. XC90 has a number of engine variants, ie 2.4L, 2.5L, 2.9L, and 4.4L.

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Volvo S60, S80

Harga Mobil Volvo S60, S80 Baru dan Bekas (Second) Indonesia. In addition to XC60 SUV, another model that will be launched by PT Indobuana Autoraya as a shareholder of Volvo brand in Indonesia is the All New S60.

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Volvo S40, S70, S90

Harga Mobil Volvo S40, S70, S90 Baru dan Bekas (Second) Indonesia. S40 is a sedan produced by Volvo that reap considerable success in Europe continent. Recent debut of the S40 comes equipped 2010 model 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine.

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Volvo 960

Harga Mobil Volvo 960 Baru dan Bekas (Second) Indonesia. 960 Royal is the variant successor of the 960 24V 6 cylinder. Front lights more narrow. Engine 2922 cc inline 6 cylinder N/A. Publication in 1995-1997 here with black interior.

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Volvo C30, C70

Harga Mobil Volvo C30, C70 Baru dan Bekas (Second) Indonesia. The latest generation of Volvo C70 is equipped with a folding roof is an innovative three-part offers the best for those of you who love the coupe and convertible styles.

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