Mitsubishi Galant

Harga Mobil Mitsubishi Galant Baru dan Bekas (Second). Galant is Mitsubishi product car, Galant name adapted from French, meaning “bold / brave”. Until now there has been 9 generations of this car variants. This car is more geared to the youth because the sporty body design and aerodynamics.

Mitsubishi Galant

Harga Mitsubishi Galant Bekas / Second

Mitsubishi Galant Car Type
Price (Juta Rupiah)
Galant VR SOHC 1996 40 – 45
1997 45 – 50
Galant New V6 DOHC M/T 1998 55 – 60
1999 60 – 65
2000 65 – 70
2001 70 – 75
2002 75 – 80
Galant New V6 DOHC A/T 1998 60 – 65
1999 65 – 70
2000 70 – 75
2001 75 – 80
2002 80 – 85

Note : Harga Mobil Mitsubishi / The car price displayed here can be different from the actual price on the dealer or the seller depend on some factors.

Information Summary

Mitsubishi Galant is an automobile manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors since 1969. Mitsubishi Galant V6-24 is the only one mid-size car sedan from Mitsubishi that not produced since 2007 and above in Indonesia. Although including mid-size sedan, this car is a favorite for young generation because the brave model, even many who say that this car look like a shark, so that sometimes a car is often called the Galant Shark.

Although Galant V6-24 experienced Downgrade from a V6 DOHC to V6 SOHC but virtually the same performance even superior in terms of acceleration than the previous Galant. That’s because Mitsubishi increase 500cc from 2.000cc to 2.500cc to cover the lack in engine of Galant V6-24.

Galant V6-24 can be replaced / swap the engine with the Galant VR-4. The process was not so hard, just like entering the engine of Lancer EVO X to Lancer EX. For power, would not need to be asked, thanks to the engine of Galant VR-4, the energy generated would increase much compared to the original engine.

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