Hyundai Trajet

Harga Mobil Hyundai Trajet Baru dan Bekas (Second). Hyundai Trajet GL8 is a new variant of the Trajet GLS which combines elements of luxury, comfort and stability like a sedan with the practicality and relief typical minivan. The interior design is luxurious and comfortable ergonomic look of the dashboard that appears in two colors.

Hyundai Trajet

Harga Hyundai Trajet Baru

Hyundai Trajet Car Type
Price (Rupiah)
New Trajet GL7 CVVT 2.0 M/T 229.750.000
New Trajet XG CVVT 2.0 A/T 246.500.000

Harga Hyundai Trajet Bekas / Second

Hyundai Trajet Car Type
Price (Juta Rupiah)
Hyundai Trajet 2.0 2000 60 – 65
2001 65 – 70
2002 70 – 75
2003 75 – 80
Hyundai Trajet GL8 2004 80 – 85
2005 85 – 90
Hyundai Trajet CWT 2005 90 – 100
2006 100 – 110

Note : Harga Hyundai / The car price displayed here can be different from the actual price on the dealer or the seller depend on some factors.

Information Summary

Hyundai Trajet GL8 has eight seats filled by adding a second seat while on GLS empty. Hyundai is also conducting a series of downsizing on the list of features that make its price cheaper than GLS.

Character seating arrangement also slightly reduced. Only the third row can be folded, others are not. In addition to downsizing, as well as the use of local components up to 30%, more than the GLS as a chair for example, makes Trajet GL8 has more competitive prices.

Hyundai Trajet GL8 suspension system relies on McPherson Strut (front) and Semi-Trailing Arms (rear). Vehicles powered by 2.0 liter, 140 hp with monocoque body prefers convenience and luxury at affordable prices.

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