Hyundai Atoz

Harga Mobil Hyundai Atoz Baru dan Bekas (Second). In Indonesia, This city car with 1100 cc engine has become one of the contributors to the most sales ATPM Hyundai cars in Indonesia. The Presence of Hyundai New Atoz, which reportedly will be followed by the new models, expected to boost sales of Hyundai.

Hyundai Atoz

Harga Hyundai Atoz Bekas / Second

Hyundai Atoz Car Type
Price (Juta Rupiah)
GLX 1.0 M/T 2000 45 – 47
2001 47 – 50
2002 50 – 53
2003 53 – 56
2004 56 – 60
2005 60 – 65
New Atoz 1.1 M/T 2005 60 – 65
2006 65 – 75

Note : Harga Hyundai / The car price displayed here can be different from the actual price on the dealer or the seller depend on some factors.

Information Summary

PT. Hyundai Mobil Indonesia refresh its city car, the Hyundai Atoz with Hyundai New Atoz name. That include the addition of side body kits, ipod ready mp3 audio, rear parking sensors and new seat cover.

In terms of performance and agility, this city car which called city devil is truly extraordinary. 1100 cc engine is very supportive for moving swiftly in the middle of traffic jam in big cities. Futher addition in Parking Sensors makes this city car easy parked in the small park area.

New Features :
– Mp3 and Ipod ready Audio System
– Rear Parking Sensor
– Sporty Look Side Body Kit
– New sporty Seat Cover

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