Daihatsu Luxio

Harga Mobil Daihatsu Luxio Baru dan Bekas (Second). Luxio, the latest MPV with a comfortable interior and luxury exterior. Discover luxury in Chrome Front Grill and Stylish Rear Combination Lamp. Equipped also with Multi-Reflector Head Lamp with HID, make Luxio appear so elegant and perfect for all the family.

Daihatsu Luxio

Harga Daihatsu Luxio Baru

Daihatsu Luxio Car Type
Price (Rupiah)
1.5 D M/T STD 138.000.000
1.5 D M/T 142.200.000
1.5 D M/T PREMIO 146.800.000
1.5 M M/T STD 148.000.000
1.5 M M/T 153.400.000
1.5 M M/T ELITE 160.600.000
1.5 X M/T STD 153.000.000
1.5 X M/T 157.900.000
1.5 X M/T ULTIMATE 161.600.000
1.5 X M/T PRESTIGE 166.400.000
1.5 X A/T STD 164.000.000
1.5 X A/T 169.100.000
1.5 X A/T ULTIMATE 172.600.000
1.5 X A/T PRESTIGE 177.600.000

Harga Daihatsu Luxio Bekas / Second

Daihatsu Luxio Car Type
Price (Juta Rupiah)

Note : Harga Daihatsu / The car price displayed here can be different from the actual price on the dealer or the seller depend on some factors.

Information Summary

Daihatsu launches new product named Luxio. The name is deliberately chosen to give the impression of ‘luxury’. In fact, Luxio is more luxurious than his brother one platform, the Gran Max minivan, or wagon.

Luxio has significant differences with Gran Max. If Gran Max directed to commercial customers, Luxio present to meet the demands of family passenger vehicles more powerful with good comfort.

Standard features on the type of M and X are double blower air-conditioning, second row seats can slide and seat belts for the second and third rows. Several other optional equipment is the cargo tray and cargo net, while the ABS is only optional for the type of M and X.

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